Independent Work: Research, UI/UX design

Tackle overcrowded parking issues, pinpoint available spots and encourage people to share private parking spots

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Finding a parking lot in downtown Toronto bothers the drivers. The high density of vehicular makes it hard to find a proper parking spot, and navigate through the busy traffic. How can we help people to find a parking lot as they need in downtown Toronto without circling around?


With the goal to help drivers easily find a parking spot,  I set out interviews to answer the following question:

What are the concerns and priorities in terms of parking?

Regarding the concerns and opportunities of the parking issues, I interviewed users both online and in real life. The problematic issues are complaints about parking tickets; encountering overcrowded parking and failed to find a spot in downtown areas; owning a private parking spot while not occupied during the daytime. 

Among the interviewees, there are daily commuters, newcomers to the city, business owners, taxi drivers, designers, students and so on. The following personas include a real estate agent, a freelance designer, and a student.


Through field research, I found out a lot of cars occupied one side of the street. The auto-payment machine is outmoded and being replaced by GREEN P app. While Green P operated by Toronto Parking Authority monopolizes the city’s street parking, it does not allow users to reserve a spot ahead of time. Users have to match spot number and then pay over the phone accordingly. Therefore, to facilitate parking process, Parking Spot aims to allocate private parking resources, meanwhile, integrates street parking resource and achieves reservation function.

IA_Research copyIA_Research copy


The user needs:

to easily identify the available parking spots nearby;

to find a spot with an appropriate price;

to find a reliable space to park the car;

to find out who can share their spots.

Design goals:

to achieve reservation over the Parking Spot app;

to allocate private parking resources;

to synthesize public parking;

to create and enhance social engagement.




I documented the early stage sketch. All the features are categorized into the app screen based on a hierarchy of needs. The menu button was changed from the top left "hamburger" to the bottom buttons. The information layout and workflow were adjusted accordingly during the design and testing process.

Information Architecture

App Flow


             TAKING IT FURTHER

  • Have drivers interact with it
  • Partner with Toronto Parking Authority
  • Iterate and user test before handing it over for implementation